Tippy Discord Bot

Tippy is a very new, multi purpose bot with unique functions such as:
AI moderation help, Confession commands, Ping on Join and color commands!

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Description of the commands Tippy has:

AI Moderation

AI Moderation is a tool especially useful for moderating in bigger servers.
When activated, it uses an advanced AI to analyze messages sent by users, it will then create counters for users and log how often they have triggered the AI. The AI can detect toxicity, severe toxicity, insults, profanity, threats, sexually explicit content and flirtatious content.
AI Mod will log the last 100 messages that triggered it per category. And any moderator can check through these logs per user.
You can disable channels on an individual basis, clear users logs and even set notifications for when users trigger the AI a certain amount in a certain time-frame.


This is a system designed to make it easier for users to contact staff in bigger servers without having to directly DM staff.
You can setup modmail with an interactive setup that allows you to completely customize how it works, you can:


The confessions system is a unique feature that allows users to send anonymous confessions.
There's a detailed interactive setup that you can use to toggle all kinds of features, such as:The system even has an anonymous way to still moderate the confessions, every confession is numbered with a Confession ID and you can use this ID to mute or unmute people from confessions without exposing their name (Not even to yourself)

Color commands

Tippy has quite a few color related commands, this includes things such as:There's even a command to get the most dominant colors of any submitted image.


There's a big assortment of image commands, things such as birds, cats, foxes, pandas, koalas, dogs, etc.
There's also a lot of image manipulation commands to give effects to avatars or submitted images. Some features include: Deepfry, rainbow overlay, blur, bright, contrast, invert, pixelate and posterize.
You can also generate a triggered meme gif based on any image or add the GTA Wasted overlay, you can even generate fake YouTube comments or get a meme from any subreddit.
Additionally there's a Google image search command to look up anything you want!

Other notable features

Some other commands that don't have a clear category but are still cool are:There's also a bunch of smaller commands such as random facts, owoifying text, snipe edited and deleted messages and a math command.
You can of course also hug, coddle, kiss, poke and slap other users, accompanied with an anime gif

Any bugs can be reported with the bugreport command and you can even request features with the featurerequest command. If you submit a cool function, there's a good chance it'll be added!

Add Tippy to your server now and see for yourself what it has to offer!