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Tippy is a cute, multi purpose bot with some very unique functions!

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Description of the commands Tippy has:

Utility Commands

Tippy has a LOT of very useful commands, this includes things like:
Ping on join - This command will ping a user in a channel when they join, and delete the ping right after (Ghost pinging). This is very useful to bring the attention of a user to a channel without flooding the channel with welcome messages.
There's commands to disable and enable channels, making it so that the bot will not respond to any commands in those channels.
You can also change the prefix of the bot to anything you'd like!


The confessions system is a unique feature that allows users to send anonymous confessions.
There's a detailed interactive setup that you can use to toggle all kinds of features, such as:The system even has an anonymous way to still moderate the confessions, every confession is numbered with a Confession ID and you can use this ID to mute or unmute people from confessions without exposing their name (Not even to yourself)


If your server is dealing with bots joining, and you want to keep them out while not hindering legitimate users, Tippy's verification is for you!
You can add a verification system to your server and only trigger it with customizable rules. You can set a minimum account age, and choose to require verification for users with no profile picture.
You can change the values of these rules and whether only 1 has to be met, or both. This way you can almost rule out inconviences for legitimate users, while still stopping most bots!
The verification works through Tippy's website where the user will have to verify through a captcha. Once they've done this, the "Waiting for Verification" role (Also customizable) will be removed from them, and they'll be able to use your server like normal.


Tippy now also has a suite of moderation commands! While not the most advanced, it covers most stuff the average user will need.
There's all the basic commands like ban, kick, softban, warn, etc.. And there's also commands to lock channels, check modlogs, add notes to users, view cases and view moderation stats! Not exactly moderation, but there's also commands for mass roles, checking how many users have a role, viewing userinfo and viewing serverinfo!


There's a built in chatbot you can talk with, this usually leads to very funny or weird conversations!
You can even change how much the chatbot should see as context (0 to 16 messages) on an individual basis. You can also disable/enable channels where chatbot won't respond.
Be aware though, feeding the chatbot NSFW or Toxic messages will result in a response with similar content.

Color commands

Tippy has quite a few color related commands, this includes things such as:There's even a command to get the most dominant colors of any submitted image.


There's a big assortment of image commands, things such as birds, cats, foxes, pandas, koalas, dogs, etc.
There's also a lot of image manipulation commands to give effects to avatars or submitted images. Some features include: Deepfry, rainbow overlay, blur, bright, contrast, invert, pixelate and posterize.
You can also generate a triggered meme gif based on any image or add the GTA Wasted overlay, you can even generate fake YouTube comments or get a meme from any subreddit.

All kinds of other commands

Some other commands that don't have a clear category but are still cool are:You can ship users with eachother, snipe deleted and edited messages, do math or even owoify text.
There's so many other useful commands, to view the rest, just invite Tippy and use the *help command
Any bugs can be reported with the bugreport command and you can even request features with the featurerequest command
And if you submit a cool function, there's a good chance it'll be added!

Add Tippy to your server now and see for yourself what it has to offer!